We are dedicated to helping people in our community never have to make the heart-wrenching decision of “economic euthanasia”. To offer as much assistance as possible, we have created The New Life Fund. This life-saving program is for Pets with illnesses or injuries, that with treatment, will have a good to excellent prognosis for long term health. Illnesses or injuries with guarded or poor prognosis’s are not eligible for financial assistance from the New Life Fund because we have limited funds and are charged with spending those funds where they will do the most good.
This fund is to help Pet parents who, we believe, are likely to be good, responsible Pet Parents with this help.
To assist the Pet Parent in providing exceptional future care for the Pet, they will have the option of enrolling the Pet on a Hannah TLC Plan for ongoing care, including transfer of ownership of the Pet. This will allow the Pet parent a long-term solution that will prevent other possibilities of “economic euthanasia” in the future.
Hannah the Pet Society will waive 50% of their lifetime membership fee. Either Hannah’s Helping Hands or the Pet Parent will pay 50% of the Membership Fee. Membership is an option for long term care and not a requirement for this Hannah’s Helping Hands Program.  
Hannah’s Helping Hands will receive over a 50% discount from Hannah for cases they assist through the New Life Fund.
Accepted New Life Fund Pets must live in a stable parent/family home (i.e. this is not a shelter Pet program), with an acceptable living condition suitable for the long term care of this specific Pet and have been there for at least 30 days.
The Pet must need urgent or emergency treatment for severe illness or injury – and have a good chance of near complete recovery with a subsequent life expectancy of at least three years.
 Pet must be a dog or cat and must be micro-chipped (or micro-chipped when services are provided).
Owner must sign a waiver (attached) to authorize use in promotional materials, acknowledge medical risks, and agree for all follow-up care to be provided at Hannah the Pet Society until the medical issue is resolved or they are directed otherwise by Hannah the Pet Society.
A particular Pet is only eligible for one “New Life Fund” grant.

Application Process

Interested Pet Parents will download and complete the application packet (links are provided on this page).
Email all the completed documents to jade@hannahscharity.org.
After screening and tentative approval by Hannah’s Helping Hands, Hannah will setup an appointment at the appropriate Health & Education Center (HEC).
Pet will then be evaluated per Hannah’s normal TLC review process. Hannah the Pet Society may offer to enroll the Pet on a TLC plan, Hannah’s Helping Hands will pay for all or part of the costs of the treatment, with terms as agreed at that time between Hannah’s Helping Hands and the Pet parent. The Pet parent will pay for whatever portion of the treatment they can afford. If the Pet parent decides to become a new Member, they will pay the ongoing Monthly TLC Fee to Hannah the Pet Society.
Hannah the Pet Society will discount the Membership Fee by 50% to $99, which either Hannah’s Helping Hands or the new Member will pay.
The Pet Parent will be offered the opportunity to enroll the Pet with Hannah the Pet Society so that Hannah’s can provide all follow-ups and ongoing care to prevent a similar non-affordable incident in the future. The Pet parent who joins will be responsible for the monthly payments to Hannah the Pet Society and other obligations per the membership agreement. The Pet parent acknowledges that they will read and understand the membership agreement before accepting any care for their Pet. Again, membership may be a good idea, but is not required for a New Life Fund grant.

Application Documentation

1.     Fill out the Application
2.     Brief write up of your Pet’s story and what your Pet means to you.
3.     Last year’s tax forms and or similar documents showing financial hardship
4.     Three months’ worth of bank statements
5.     Proof that you have owned your Pet for at least a month
6.     Copy of all available Pet medical records
7.     Pet photo(s) and completed Pet’s lifestyle and medical history form
8.     Both the waiver and the application must be signed by the Pet parent
9.     Print out the checklist to make sure you’re all covered!
10.   Submit the online application and send in ALL supporting documentation to:
Hannah’s Helping Hands, 1101 SE Tech Center Dr. Suite #150. Vancouver, WA 98683
or email Jade at: