Hannah’s Helping Hands matches Pets with people who would never get to experience the pure delight of having a Pet in their lives without Hannah’s Helping¬† Hands. Our programs touch the lives and hearts of disabled veterans, senior citizens, school children, individuals facing physical and mental challenges, shelter Pets and beloved family Pets. All of these people benefit from our programs, which we are able to provide thanks to our loyal and generous supporters.
It is our donors who allow us to offer the joy, love and companionship of a Pet, free of charge to our program participants. Due to their generous support we cover all medical expenses, food, supplies and training to our program members for the entire life of their Pet. Senior living facilities, schools, Veteran families, and group homes for the mentally and physical disabled are all places where animals love people and people love animals. 
In fulfilling our vision and mission, we strive to use our funding in the most effective ways possible. All of our programs focus on placing Pets in forever homes without worrying about financial constraints. We believe that placing Pets with adults and children through each of our programs enhances both human and Pet lives.
We invite you to join us… Each and every gift is sincerely welcomed and deeply appreciated! We look forward to welcoming you to the Hannah’s Helping Hands Family!

Bringing LOVE into the world...one Pet at a time!

Our community has a large number of under-served people who desperately need the love and support of a Pet. Through your donations, you help to provide companionship, joy. growth and unconditional love to both people and Pets. With your help, we are able to cover ALL expenses associated with taking the best care of each Pet, including food, supplies, and veterinary care for the life of the Pet.
We invite you to join us by making your gift using our secure form below. You can choose to make a general donation that will be used where it is most needed, support one of our many programs or sponsor a specific Pet… whatever touches your heart the most!
Thank you!