Hannah’s Helping Hands, in partnership with Hannah the Pet Society, offers our Helping Hand of the Week program to local animal shelters and rescue groups. Because we recognize that ending Pet homelessness takes a village, we are offering a “helping hand” to rescue groups and organizations who lack their own veterinary resources. The goal of this program is to increase Pet adoptability and decrease euthanasia due to urgent medical issues. Each week, one Pet from the community is selected to receive the medical care it needs at a Hannah Health and Education Center, paid for by Hannah’s Helping Hands. Through our Helping Hand of the Week program, we get to “give back” and be of service to our local rescue and shelter community!
On this page rescues and shelters can review the program and apply for assistance! We encourage all local shelter and rescue groups, who need our assistance to utilize this resource and allow us to help them in their pursuit to provide the highest level of veterinary care to homeless Pets who are desperately looking for a family to love them.

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