Having a classroom Pet can provide fun entertainment, a learning adventure, a chance to experience real responsibilities, and a fuzzy friend that everyone can love, of course! Classroom Pets can also offer many emotional benefits to students. Students can experience how to nurture a Pet, feed a Pet, improve impulse control, reduce loneliness, stress, and anxiety, and students will always have someone to listen to their improving reading skills!
We provide bunnies and/or guinea pigs that have been socialized and screened for just the right Pet personality to suit a classroom environment. As with all of our programs, each Pet will receive routine care, emergency care, preventative care, medications, and surgeries for FREE for their lifespan – which is all every Hannah Pet needs to stay healthy and happy for a lifetime.
Once we fine the perfect match, each classroom Pet is delivered complete with a Welcome Home Kit which includes a large habitat, bedding, healthy food, food and water bowls. Every 6 to 8 weeks a new supply of all-natural, fresh and wholesome food and supplies are delivered right to each classroom door.